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About ByOwner

Our Mission

Our mission is to make buying or selling a home better for the consumer. The ByOwner difference is simple but revolutionary: we're on the consumer's side. Really on your side. Our Real Estate listing and marketing service saves Sellers thousands, without sacrificing service or market exposure. We are "Real Estate done Different"

What We Do

ByOwner is committed to improving the current Real Estate model by saving Sellers thousands of dollars in Real Estate commissions. The average Real Estate transaction costs Buyers and Sellers nearly 6%, or $15,000 on a $250,000 home. In today's world, with technology offering Buyers and Sellers more options and information than ever, ByOwner can offer superior service to Sellers and Buyers at a fraction of the cost. We believe home owners deserve to keep more equity in their home and we can help them do it.

Our system is unique, as ByOwner agents are not commissioned based, which therefore allows us to offer our service at drastically reduced prices. Listing packages include a Flat Fee MLS only service starting at $499, and full service, professional representation listing package for a fee as low as $1995. ByOwner is saving the average Seller 70% in listing fees.

The Flat Fee MLS service is available throughout the U.S. while our Full Service option is only available in certain geographies as we expect to continue to expand coverage throughout the U.S.

Company History

ByOwner was originally founded in 1996 as a way for homeowners to sell their homes without the involvement of a Real Estate broker. Through the housing boom in the late 1990's, ByOwner went through a number of changes, all the while assisting For Sale By Owner efforts for homeowners looking to sell—and Buyers looking to buy. In 2004 and 2005, interest in listing and purchasing homes using online resources reached a fever pitch, and ByOwner maintained hundreds of thousands of home listings and fueled thousands of transactions.

In 2014, a team of experienced Real Estate and Internet executives saw a unique opportunity in ByOwner—disrupt the current 6% agent model. Saving Homeowners 1000's of dollars by utilizing agents who are not commission on the listing side of a Real Estate transaction. Offering true Real Estate Consultants to ensure Homeowners are getting the most value for their home while paying a flat listing fee.

We believe a Real Estate agent is still a great resource in the home buying and selling process, but you don't need to pay 6% ever again. Give "The ByOwner Way" a try. We won't let you down.

Have questions? Give us a call at 800-ByOwner

Why Sell With ByOwner

So here’s a question you don’t ask yourself every day: how do you sell your home? Are you going to put a flashy banner in front of your house, or buy an advertisement spot at your local newspaper so that everyone can see it? Either of them might be effective in the old days, but in retrospect, both have a number of flaws. Think about it: how many people will actually pass your house or see the newspaper ad? What about the people who live outside of your areas? So yeah, judging by the scope and the odds, it’s not that effective. Besides, selling a house feels like being on a long waiting list, both require your patience. What if you need to sell the house immediately? Again, you’ll hit another stumbling block. Although there is another way to sell your home: with the help of a real estate broker. However, there’s still the matter of commission you have to pay for their service. But here’s a good news: after you read this article, you can sell your home in an easy way and without spending much money to do so. Just keep reading!

Let me introduce you to a site to sell` homes, ByOwner. ByOwner is an alternative to traditional real estate broker home sales and has been around since 1995. ByOwner exists because there are many people looking for homes for sales online, as well as people who sell their homes online. The previously untapped market niche was an opportunity for ByOwner to address, and as a result, now ByOwner helps everyone find their home or sell their home. ByOwner offers a true real-estate-consultant type of service to ensure that every homeowner gets the most value for their home while paying a flat listing fee. This is because every homeowner deserves more equity of their homes and ByOwner can help them.

ByOwner has a unique system: if other agents are commission-based, ByOwner is not your typical 6% commission-based firm. Therefore, ByOwner offers services that will reduce your costs to sell or buy a home and getting the most value for your home. ByOwner has a listing package which includes Flat Fee MLS only service starting at $499 alongside the standard full service. Other than that, there is also professional representation listing package for a fee as low as $1,995 (not available in all locations). ByOwner offers all services at competitive price and the prices may vary by location.

Have you ever been confused over ways on how to sell your home? Or where to list your home for sale? Now, there is nothing left to be confused over. ByOwner home sales will be the help you need in selling your home. Aside from its non-commission service, ByOwner provides more than what most traditional agents can. ByOwner provides professional photography, worldwide marketing, contract negotiation, closing coordination, monthly market updates, and much more. All are available for everyone who wishes to sell their house immediately. Pay for less and get the most services that you can get as much as ones given by the traditional agents, only at ByOwner.

Listing your home with ByOwner will expose it to millions of monthly visitors. With this much exposure, plus MLS coverage, the sooner your home can be sold. ByOwner offers a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. Although ByOwner has no control over the market conditions and also the price of your home, ByOwner has fully committed to helping you sell your home by promoting it to the worldwide audience filled with potential buyers.

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